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Quỹ đầu tư mạo hiểm H2 Ventures (Australia)

Quy mô hoạt động:
H2 Ventures is an early stage Venture Capital firm investing in Fintech, Data & A.I. Tehy run the H2 Accelerator, a 20wk Startup Accelerator.
Giới thiệu chung:

Since 2013, H2 Ventures has been reinventing financial services by bringing together talented entrepreneurs, investors, forward thinking established financial services organisations and other thought leaders in the world of technology enabled disruption. In 2017 we branched into data and artificial intelligence (A.I.) enabled disruption.

Các hoạt động nổi bật:

They provide equity capital as well as knowledge and mentoring to support high calibre founders who will not only drive their businesses with passion and energy, but also take responsibility for the focused execution of their idea.

They operate the H2 Accelerator, Australia's only dedicated fintech, data, and A.I. accelerator, with the vision of cultivating a critical mass of talented people to work on world changing ideas.

They believe in a culture of empowerment, of possibility and experimentation, of learning from failure as we seek long-term outcomes, of focused action and honest critique, of collaboration and trust, and of organisational agility.

By fostering the startup ecosystem, and supporting founders as they build the engines of the future, they strive to be a significant contributor to innovation in the Australian economy and to support Australia's emergence as a global leader in fintech, data, and artificial intelligence.

Tiêu chí xét duyệt:

Fintech, Data and Artificial Intelligence

Địa chỉ và văn phòng đại diện:
Sydney Startup Hub - Level 8, 11 York Street, Sydney NSW 2000
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