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House Cleaning

1. Tên ý tưởng: House Cleaning
2. Đăng bởi:
3. Đăng ngày: Thứ bảy - 24/09/2016 22:53
4. Lĩnh vực: Kinh doanh, giải trí, du lịch
5. Vùng địa lý: Bạc Liêu
6. Mô tả ý tưởng:
If you want to broaden your services and earn more, you can opt to make the entire house look neat and clean. House cleaning services cover carpets, floors, lawns, garages, windows, walls, and roofs, requiring a whole range of cleaning tools. You can hire maids and janitors to do the actual cleaning while you handle administrative and customer service tasks. Or, you can start small by actually getting your hands dirty as a contractor, learning on the job before launching your own cleaning operations. Check out Cleaning Zoom's ultimate guide to starting a cleaning business.

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