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Công cụ hỗ trợ cho cộng đồng khởi nghiệp Kết nối hệ sinh thái khởi nghiệp đổi mới sáng tạo

Ideation & Generative Market Research

Introduction to Innovation Management.

In the first week of the ToT, we take a holistic look at Innovation Management followed by Ideation & Generative Market Research.

Innovation Management ultimately covers both sustaining and disruptive innovation, but the focus of the curriculum is on disruptive innovation. Using themes such as Design Thinking (also sometimes called Human Centered Design) and Lean Startup, learners will go through an in depth exploration of the tools and techniques used by companies like Dropbox, Twitter, Wealthfront, and others to achieve exponential growth and market disruption.

The next topic, Ideation & Generative Market Research. Creating a huge volume of ideas is the first step in creating disruption. This section will cover idea generation techniques and out-of-the-building research techniques to find an early adopter market segment for those ideas with potential.


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